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Business COverage

Business Insurance can be general liability for a contractor, property insurance for a building you own or rent, excess liability or umbrella for business, workers compensation insurance, and even commercial auto insurance.

General Liability

General liability covers if someone else is hurt as a result of work a contractor performs, or you make an error in the course of your business, or if someone gets hurt at your business.

Limits of Liability

Limits of liability can vary but most people choose 1 million dollars per occurrence and 2 million aggregate. Aggregate means the most the policy will pay out in a policy period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of Texas do you serve?

Our main focus is Bastrop and the surrounding areas but we can write insurance anywhere in the state of Texas. We have customers all throughout the state and are happy to serve anyone anywhere in Texas.

Do you write auto insurance even if someone doesn’t have a license or has a suspended license?

Yes, we have companies that will insure you even if you don’t have a license, have an expired license or have a suspended license.

What is an SR22?

A SR22 is simply providing proof to the state that you have insurance and maintain that insurance. Just because you require an SR22 does not necessarily mean your rate will be higher, it just means you have to show proof that you carry insurance. You may be required to carry an SR22 because you have a traffic violation or several traffic violations but we can help you get back on the right track with your driving habits.

What is a “Peril” on a Homeowners policy?

A Peril is simply a loss that is covered by your policy. For example Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Hail are all Perils.

Does my homeowners policy cover my appliances for my house, like an air conditioner?

No, your policy will not cover having your air conditioner or other appliances replaced for mechanical breakdown. However, some companies will allow us to endorse your policy to add coverage to appliances on a limited basis.

What is an Umbrella Policy?

An Umbrella policy is like a blanket for insurance. Think of an umbrella policy as an umbrella or a blanket. An Umbrella covers cost if a claim is filed and the insurance company has already paid your policy limits but is not enough to cover the cost of the claim. It protects someone from suing you if your Auto, Home, or Business insurance does not fully cover the cost of a claim.


Standard and Premium Plans that cover you and your loved ones in case of fire, theft, water damage, weather, and much more.


The state of Texas requires that you carry 30/60/25. In case of an accident where you’re at fault, your policy will pay up to $30K for injury per person (in the other vehicle), $60K max per accident, and $25K for property damage.


General liability for a contractor, property insurance for a building you own or rent, excess liability or umbrella for business, workers compensation insurance, and more.

Bundle & Save

Provide extra liability coverage beyond the limits on your existing auto, homeowners or other policies.

Our Customers

“Insurance 4 Texas was able to find us insurance on our land in Bastrop after we had been told by several other companies that no one would write a policy. They’re easy to work with and affordable. Highly recommend!”

– Ellen Bearicks

“I have used Insurance 4 Texas as my insurance agent since I moved to Bastrop in 2000. She has helped me get the best coverages at the lowest prices on my business, home and automobiles. Each year my policy comes up for review, she and her staff look at it to make sure I am still getting the best rates possible. I am a Realtor and always suggest my clients call Insurance 4 Texas for a quote on what they are purchasing.”

– Jana Hellbusch

“I used Insurance 4 Texas for years when I lived in the Bastorp area and continue to call them every time I need insurance even though I have moved to Georgetown. They always finds me the lowest rate on both my personal property and my rentals. …I would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone needing homeowners or business insurance.

– Steve Kinsey

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